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Wall-hung boilers Zena MS

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17 October 2012

Fully equipped boilers De Dietrich Zena Ms include an easy-to-use, functional electronic control panel as standard to control a direct circuit and a DHW circuit. As optional equipment, this panel can be completed with a control system offering two comfort levels: either by room temperature thermostat and/or by outside sensor.

MS 24, MS 24 BIC and MS 24 MI… boilers are delivered fully assembled and factory tested. They are pre-fitted to run on natural gases and can be converted to propane using a conversion kit (optional); they are available for various types of connection: chimney, forced flue (FF) (see next page).
MS 24 (FF) boilers are small-scale boilers (730 x 400 x 299 mm) for heating only, equipped as standard with a heating/DHW reversal valve allowing the connection of an independent domestic hot water tank; two types of tank are available:
- 80-litre BMR 80 tank to be juxtaposed to the right or left of the boiler: MS 24… + BMR 80 versions
- 130-litre SR 130 tank to be placed on the floor under the boiler: MS 24… + SR 130 versions
MS 24 MI (FF) boilers are mixed small-scale boilers (730 x 400 x 299 mm) with production of 3-star performance DHW in accordance with EN 13203 thanks to a large stainless steel plate exchanger. An optional hydraulic connection kit to connect a solar tank can also be delivered for these boilers. MS 24 BIC (FF) boilers are compact (950 x 600 x 466 mm) and efficient: the production of 3-star performance DHW in accordance with EN 13203 is handled by a 40-litre stainless steel storage tank, combined with a plate exchanger, a DHW pump and a heating/DHW reversal valve


- 3-star efficiency rating for the forced flue versions, 2-star for the chimney versions
- NOx class 3 in accordance with pr EN 297 A3 for the chimney versions, EN 483 the forced flue versions (FF)


- Primary exchanger in copper coated with aluminium silicone paint increasing its heat resistance;
- Gas valve with external modulator and double safety solenoid valve;
- Atmospheric burner with stainless steel burner trains;
- Electronic ignition and ionisation flame check
- Digital display direct access electronic control panel used as standard to control a direct circuit and a DHW circuit (optional sensor for MS 24 (FF) models).
Possibility of controlling circuits by adding a room temperature thermostat and/or an outside sensor (options);
- Hydroblock in composite material for MS 24 MI (FF) and MS 24 BIC (FF) or in brass for MS 24 (FF) incorporating the 2-speed heating pump with automatic vent, the automatic by-pass, the heating/DHW reversal valve fitted to the return, the water pressure switch, the drain cock, the disconnector, the 3-bar heating safety valve (or 7-bar for MS 24 BIC (FF)), the pressure gauge, the stainless steel plate exchanger and the turbine flow detector for measuring the DHW flow rate on MS 24 MI (FF) versions, detachable filters on the heating and DHW circuits;
- Anti-overflow thermostat on “chimney” versions;
- Extraction fan and air pressure switch on FF models;
- 6-litre heating expansion vessel (7.5-litre for MS 24 BIC (FF));
- Wall-hanging rail provided;
- Pre-fitted with mains connection cable.

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