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BAXI newspaper No. 3 (22) / 2011

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12 December 2011
Released 3 / 2011 quarterly number of advertising and information newspaper BAXI - «Star that warms!".
The first page you can appreciate a promotional poster of the new ultra-compact image-gas-fired boiler FOURTECH, are easy to install, use and maintain. Wide LCD display - simple and easy to use, continuously and accurately reflects the current state of the boiler as well as adjustable parameters.
The second page of the newspaper is devoted to an analytical article on the use of liquefied petroleum gas heating, which describes the concept of liquefied natural gas, its use, especially autonomous gas supply, including gas-fired boilers BAXI. Also provides comparative data for the costs of liquefied natural gas to heat the dwelling. Article by dgotovlena technical representative in the Volga BAXI - Sergei Shipov.
A lot of useful information about gas boilers can be found at the third page of the newspaper in an article entitled "Boiler secrets. Part 2 ", prepared by the head of the" Technical Marketing "- Andrei Fomin. In his article, Andrew shares the answers to topical questions of the technical seminars on heating equipment BAXI, which he held since 2004.
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