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Fluke invites to a free seminar

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05 March 2012
Fluke Academy invites everybody to a free seminar on thermal imaging (or infrared thermography). Thermography is a science which shows the temperature distribution seen by the human eye. This technology helps the user to identify possible defects in electrical, mechanical, processing and other equipment before it has become a problem. That's why thermal imagers are among the best instruments for use in programs of preventive and scheduled preventive maintenance which helps to reduce downtime and maintenance costs to a minimum. In this seminar we are going to review the basics of science services using a number of industrial examples as well as the ways of qualitative and quantitative approach usage of thermography both independently and jointly with other devices. The workshop is designed for technicians and engineers who want to learn more about the use of thermal imaging for the service.
Workshop is conducted by Vicente Ribeiro, Ph.D., Chief Technical Officer of Fluke Thermography, Alexander Bardakov, Technical Manager of Fluke Russia
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