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New floor diffusers FDC

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30 January 2012
Arctic Company starts selling floor  diffusers FDC manufactured by Polar Bear.
FDC floor diffusers are used to supply air conditioning and ventilation systems in rooms with raised floor (auditorium, concert halls, theaters, offices, facilities, telecom equipment, computer centers, etc.). Excellent acoustics allow to apply FDC diffusers in rooms with higher demands on the noise level.
Diffuser shape forms a rapidly decaying swirling jet with high ejecting capability which allows to supply air flow with a large temperature gradient and thus to obtain regular temperature distribution in the served area.
FDC diffusers are made from nonflammable plastic which is resistant to mechanical influence in the form of round lattice equipped with a mounting flange, mounting ring and the dust collector.

Floor diffusers are installed directly into the raised floor. When installing a diffuser is installed in a mounting flange which is pressed against the raised floor mounting ring. The air supply is carried out either by air or without air due to excessive static pressure in the raised floor space.
Floor diffusers are available in gray (RAL 7040) or black (RAL 7021) color.
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