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AEG EWH Universal EL

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26 April 2012
AEG Haustechnik presents a new model of storage water heaters EWH Universal EL. The series includes tank volume - 30, 50, 80, 100, 120, 150 liters mounted vertically or horizontally. In devices set a new "dry" ceramic heating element in the protective enamel casing, 3 kW (2 kW 1 kW). Due to the design of the heating element has longer life and more power at comparable sizes than conventional tubular electric heater. The tank is made of steel and coated with a protective enamel «CoPro III».
Easy touch control panel with LED-display makes it easy, just by pressing one button, change the settings of the device: set the desired temperature of heating in the range of 7 ° C to 85 ° C, to enable or disable the "protection of children," a limitation on the maximum temperature ( 40-60 ° C), activate the "rapid heating" or test the main components the device in service mode.
Just the touch of a button you can select one of three power saving modes:
«ECO Comfort» - if the temperature is set to range from 71 to 85 ° C, then when you activate this mode, set temperature within a week to fall to 60 ° C. Thereby saving kilowatts of energy, which is usually spent on heating water to the set, but forgotten the maximum value;
«ECO Plus» - the inclusion of the heating occurs only in the selection of the water heater more than 40% of the volume of hot water;
«ECO Dynamic» - within a week an electronic control system «FuzzyLogic» remembers the time of selection and the amount of hot water consumed. And next week, hot water is to the point where the water is needed, and up to that temperature to which you want. If you change the schedule and volume of consumption, the heating time is automatically adjusted. It is convenient and economical.
The warranty on tank - 10 years, on electrical components - 3 years.
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