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Is there a replacement of steel in heating systems?

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03 April 2012
In recent years there have been discussions on the legality of the use of pipelines made of polymeric materials in the heating of multi-storey buildings. That is exactly where the temperature is high and the pressure is not less than 5 atm.
Modern heating systems contain modern high-tech materials in their construction. At present, at any point of sale there is a wide choice of plastic pipes. They are made mainly from polypropylene and metal plastic composite. But are all materials equally good? The students of educational seminar 'Alpex - high-tech system of plastic pipes and fittings' will try to answer this question
Company FRENKISHE RUS - Russian Representation of German factory FRAENKISCHE ROHRWERKE - one of the leaders in the design and manufacture of plastic pipes organizes a course of training seminars for engineers and installation crews.
Participation in the seminar is free. All participants will be provided with necessary literature.
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