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Energy service contracts in the Murmansk region

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05 June 2012

The Murmansk region in the face of Agency for Energy Efficiency of the Murmansk region started its cooperation with First Energy Service Company Olenegorsk, as well as with the Laser Graffiti to enter into energy service contracts. Thanks to this cooperation the energy consumption in the Murmansk region can be saved by 5-7 times.
On May 29, 2012 a meeting of the Agency of Murmansk region Energy Efficiency's Director Vital Poborchi with Laser Graffiti took place. The purpose of the meeting was the discussion of the draft for joint work on the installation of energy-saving lighting.
Executive authorities of the Murmansk region are supporting the company Energy Efficiency Agency of the Murmansk region and look forward to a long-term cooperation.
Five energy service contracts have been concluded in the Murmansk region to date: Teplouchet Company, Northwest Energy Service Company, KaeM, Technogroup, First Energy Service Company.

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