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Reduction of energy consumption in data processing center

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10 November 2011

The 28th conference and exhibition "Moscow: problems and ways to improve energy efficiency" in Moscow came to an end. JAC specialists acquainted the participants with variety and calculation of power consumption reduction in data processing center. As an example served Italian industrial systems MONTAIR and CLINT.

The key topic of the conference was the discussion of possibilities and implementation variants of the government energy saving program in Moscow. According to this program energy saving is believed to be one of the priorities of the government policy. Data centers use an increasing amount of the energy to power IT equipment as well as the energy required for the supporting infrastructure. With the large energy consumption in data centers, many opportunities exist to save energy.

Audience perused more than 20 different sections, plenary sessions and round tables during the conference. The topics such as energy-efficient building construction, innovative technology for ventilation and air conditioning, fire safety of buildings, the investment attractiveness of energy saving projects, etc  were discussed during the event. 

For the first time all master classes, seminars, presentations and consultations of leading industry experts were broadcasted live via Internet.

The conference attracted experts from more then 80 towns of Russia and also guests from other countries (Germany, Latvia, Czechia, the Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Belarus, Finland, Japan, Sweden, Italy and other).

Within the framework of the exhibition an International Seminar and ASHRAE Workshop “Energy Saving and Greening of Data Centers” (Updates on standards and technology for ’green’ building") was held. The Seminar was organized by Russian Association of Engineers for Heating, Ventilation, Air-Conditioning, Heat Supply and Building Thermal Physics (ABOK) with the support of American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air-Conditioning Engineers (ASHRAE).
The seminar examined the current best practices for achieving data center energy efficiency by focusing on the thermal guidelines (temperature, humidity, and contaminate limits) for data processing and using technologies such as water side economizers, and other free cooling options. Participants gained an understanding of IT equipment environment specifications while learning methods for measuring data center performance and developing means to evaluate effectiveness of data center cooling. The seminar was intended for CIOs, other IT professionals, facility managers, owners, and engineering consultants. The aim was to foster communication within this diverse group and to encourage collaboration when implementing the best practices presented. Attending this workshop helped attendees to make an immediate impact on their data center energy consumption.

JAC company became a partner of the Seminar. A.I. Karyakin, technical specialist from Group of Companies "Association Japanese conditioners", partner of the conference, presented the lecture "High-precision conditioners MONTAIR: well know name – new technologies. Reduction of energy consumption using chillers TURBOCOR from CLINT with 'free' cooling".

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