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Energy-saving technologies at Seliger

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12 July 2012

LG supported the participants of the "Youth in Housing" movement at the All-Russian Forum "Seliger-2012" in their professional development by conducting of a seminar on the latest company developments and their implementation in the field of lighting on the basis of highly efficient and environmentally friendly light sources. The company will support the best students training at the headquarters of LG in South Korea, as well as employment at the Russian plant in the Ruza district near Moscow. Bubenkov Valentin, the head of the "Light" Department of the LG air conditioning units and energy-saving technologies, conducted a master class on the decisions of the company's lighting facilities housing. The issues of safety and environmental protection of the environment, as well as recycling were one of the main topics of the discussion. LG products do not contain harmful substances such as mercury compounds, and therefore do not require special disposals and issues to reduce the ripple makes the products suitable for sanitary standards. After the lecture all participants of the forum were shown the equipment in operation. The new plasma searchlight PSF1032A illuminated the art installations of the forum.

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