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Filter cleans the air without chemicals or electricity

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09 June 2012

Japanese designer Satoshi Umeno has created a beautiful wooden air purifier that looks like a miniature house. Dubbed the Chikuno Cube + House, the design consists of an all-natural wood base and a honeycomb cube of bamboo charcoal that cleans the air and freshens your home without the use of chemicals or electricity.

The Japanese have traditionally used charcoal – a product we usually associate with dirty outdoor grills – as a natural filter that absorbs impurities in air and water.  Satoshi Umeno‘ air cleaner uses a big block of aerated activated carbon. The block is created through a controlled burning process – pieces of charcoal are slowly heated in an oxygen-starved kiln until they become carbon.

CHIKUNO CUBE is made out of bamboo charcoal. Don't be fooled by its size, because it has a tremendous effect to purify the atmosphere of any room in which it is placed. Also is the chikuno cube completely eco environment friendly because the charcoal is made of bamboo and will eventually returns to the soil.

How does it have effect as purifier?
If you look at the cross section of bamboo charcoal through a microscope, you can see that it has countless holes forming a structure like a cluster of intricate tubes. When the interior area of the holes measured, it amounts to more than 300 square meters per 1 gram of charcoal, resulting in its excellent absorptive capacity.

Effect of this Bamboo charcoal: сlarification of air, deodorization, keeping of constant humidity level, adsorption of ammonia, formaldehyde, and toluene etc.

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