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Ecological public transport stops

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19 March 2012
The Moscow public transport stops will provide themselves with the electricity needed for lighting at night. Among the innovations that appear in Moscow within the framework of modernization and optimization of transport infrastructure, the authorities have told about the original eco-friendly stop-powered vozobnovlyaemovogo energy source. They will be equipped with solar panels. Accumulated energy will one day be used to illuminate the halls at night.
As told reporters Vice Mayor Nikolai Lyamov, new stop will appear on the streets of Moscow this year. It is not clear whether these stops are also equipped with interactive boards with the schedule of buses, trolley buses and trams. Earlier, the head of the department of transport and development of road transport infrastructure in the capital Maxim Liksutov reported that in the near future, passengers will have access to online information about the movement of the expected traffic. It will be implemented by means of placards at bus stops, as well as through mobile communications. This innovation will be possible by connecting all the rolling stock SUE "Mosgortrans" to the satellite system GLONASS.
In total, the development of transport infrastructure in 2012 will invest about 200 billion rubles, of which about 10 billion will be spent on the creation of intellectual transport system.
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