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CHP Efficiency

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04 June 2012

Energy Center "Myakinino" in the Krasnogorsk (Moscow Region) is an example of a successful solution of the mini-CHP efficiency problem through the use of energy efficient accounting system using ultrasonic devices MULTICAL ® manufactured by the company Kamstrup.
In recent years, increasingly common practice of using small power systems in the urban thermal power plants. But for many experts question the effectiveness of widespread use of CHP is ambiguous. The most famous argument underlying the spread of opponents CHP, their lack of profitability, which is a consequence of the low efficiency of small stations and high depreciation costs.
An example demonstrating high levels of profitability is the an effective system of energy accounting, implemented in the Energy Center "Myakinino" Krasnogorsk near Moscow, which supplies electricity and heat buildings of the Moscow Region Government and its own administrative office block. The design of the electric power station of 30 MW, 52 MW thermal.
In order to avoid errors of indicators in the process of designing Energy Center, it was decided on the need to account for all key stages of production. For industrial control accuracy is more important, you need accurate data on the performance poagregatnoy station. The engineers of the company "Energo Invest NATEK" operating Energocenter, chose the ultrasonic heat meter MULTICAL ® from the company Kamstrup, since received positive feedback from several independent sources on the quality of these devices and the measurement accuracy needed parameters.

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