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Ebmpapst for gas fired burners KP-100B

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23 December 2011

In November 2011 the Kiev company "EBM-PAPST Ukraine" (subsidiary of German company ebm-papst in the Ukraine) demonstrated the innovative ways of ebmpapst fans usage.

"Engineering Center Promgazapparat which main activity is a practical and experimental researches in the area of  heat-mass exchange processes and gas burning, is cooperating with "EBM-PAPST Ukraine" since 2007. In 2010 "Promgazapparat" used ebmpapst fans for gas burners KP-100B, which were then installed on steam boilers of Slavuta Brewery (Khmelnitsk Region, Slavuta)", - said Alexander Starik, an projects engineer of "EBM-PAPST Ukraine".

In particular, Slavuta Brewery purchased two similar 1 MW burners from "Promgazapparat", and one of them had domestic AC-fan VC-14-46 No.2,5 with engine 2.2 kW/3000 rpm. Inflow air is controlled with the damper, and the other with the EC-fan ebmpapst R3G250-AV29-B1, 700 W/3450  rpm, air flow is adjusted by changing the engine speed after ModBus protocol. Diameter of the fan impeller in both burners is 250 mm.

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