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Dyson got a «Save Energy!» Award

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22 December 2011
Dyson got an annual «Save Energy!» Award in the category "Effective engineering building equipment".
The event was supported by the Moscow Government and the Ministry of Industry and Trade and organized by the Russian Energy Agency. The purpose of this awarding was to attract public attention to energy saving problem, to identify the best practices in energy saving and efficiency, as well as to stimulate the production of energy efficient products.
Product, which was submitted in this category, was a modern hygienic dryer Dyson Airblade, a unique research of Dyson engineers. The Dyson Airblade™ hand dryer works in just 10 seconds – scraping water from hands like a windscreen wiper. It’s the fastest hand dryer, powered by the unique Dyson digital motor. A HEPA filter cleans the air before blowing it onto hands, so it’s also hygienic. And it uses up to 80% less energy than warm air hand dryers.
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