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Two energy service contracts

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27 March 2012
In Udmurtia two big energy service contract have been implemented. According to the contract with "ARZ Mozhginsky " a number of measures on improving of energy efficiency and in-plant boiler heating network were completed. New equipment was installed. Automation of the heating system and domestic hot water boiler has reduced gas consumption. Frequency regulation drive pumps, fans and air led to maintain a stable pressure in the heating system, to reduce energy consumption, reduce the power of the equipment used in more than two times. Hydraulic adjustment of in-plant heating systems distribute thermal energy allowed for in-plant customers according to their heat load. As a result, reduced consumption of thermal energy, lowered the temperature of the coolant in the return pipe, and as a consequence, the gas flow to the boiler room.
The total economic effect for four years of the energy service contract forecast to experts Udmurt Energy Retail Company will be 5.2 million rubles.
In the course of the contract with CBM Energoservice "Management Company in the housing MO" Malopurginsky area "was built and put into operation a new gas boiler in the village of Ivanovo, Samara. Currently, the coolant from the new boiler has received a secondary school, kindergarten, and the village administration building of the SEC's office in the short term, the connection of the building gym. Earlier data for heating public facilities used by coal and electricity. The overall effect is predicted for this project over five years will be about 9 million rubles.
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