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DMX³ - equipment protection up to 6300 А

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24 January 2012
Good news for specialists of heavy and processing industries, oil and gas industry and building materials. Legrand’s DMX3 range of circuit breakers covers all breaking capacities, as well as all currents up to 6,300 A. Guaranteeing the highest levels of performance, they facilitate operation, maintenance and installation upgradability.

Air circuit breakers get their name from the fact that their breaking chambers are in the open air to allow better energy dissipation. Their electrical and mechanical strength, breaking capacity, maintainability and optional accessories make them ideal for protection and control at the supply end of low voltage installations.
DMX3 have digital protection units that enable very precise setting of the protection conditions while maintaining total discrimination with the upstream devices: the MP6 protection unit has additional functions and the MP4 standard electronic protection unit. 
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