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New conic diffusers DKU, DKF

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01 November 2011
Arctic Company starts selling conic diffusers DKU, 1DKF and 2DKF which are manufactured at the Arctos plant. Conic diffusers are designer for air supply (DKU, 1DKF and 2DKF) and air removal (DKU, 2DKF) in the ventilation and air conditioning systems in the isothermal and non-isothermal (heating and cooling) modes in the upper zone of the room.
Conic diffusers are made of steel and consist of a case with an inlet and a central part consisting of a set of motionlessly fixed conic rings. In the diffusers DKU the central part has an ability to axial movement for regulation and changing of the air jet form from the horizontal harp for the cooled air supply to the vertical conic for the heated air supply. In the diffusers 1DKF and 2DKF the central part does not move, it provides horizontal harp air supply (1DKF) or vertical conic air supply (2DKF).

Conic diffusers DKU, 1DKF and 2DKF are recommended for use in big public and industrial buildings (concert halls, sports halls, exhibition halls, stadiums, shopping malls, railway stations, warehouses, hangars and others).

Inner and outer surface are covered with a white colour (RAL 9016) using the powder coating method. You can also order particularly other RAL colours.
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