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Geothermal Energy Solution by the Kinder Garden ”Funny Bunny”

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23 November 2012

On November 14-16 a Danish business delegation led by the Danish Ambassador to Russia, Tom Risdahl Jensen, and accompanied by the Danish Consular General, Klaus Sørensen, visited Tomsk to participate in the “Energy 2012” congress where the theme was energy saving technology. The trip was arranged by DBDH in close cooperation with the Danish Embassy in Moscow and the Danish General Consulate in Saint Petersburg.

The highlight of the exhibition was the showcasing of the geothermal energy solution by the kinder garden” Funny Bunny”. The kinder garden is the first of its kind having the label “A”, which is the highest, in Russia because of their heating system which operates 100 % by geothermal energy. The geothermal heat pumps also cool the buildings during summer thereby replacing the need for air conditioning. In this way the water and the indoor climate is adjusted in the most energy efficient way possible and the solution is not only environmentally friendly but also cost efficient compared to traditional thermal heating systems. The energy efficient kinder garden is made possible because of cooperation between Danfoss and the Russian company Ekoklima, which has been a huge benefit for both companies as well as the local community. 

During the visit the Danish Ambassador met with the Mayor of Tomsk, Nikolay Nikolaychuk.
Here they both expressed great optimism with regards to future business prospects. The Mayor of Tomsk stressed the importance of energy efficient solutions and expressed hope that business relations will continue to improve.

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