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‘GREE-Day’ in Saratov

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27 July 2011

The ‘KompyuMarket’ group of companies held the ‘GREE Conditioners Day’  in Saratov for the third year in a row in support of ‘EuroCLIMATE’, an official GREE distributor in Russia. The presentation started with a speech by Vladimir Petrovich Murashko, the general director of ‘EuroCLIMATE Region’. Attendees of the event were reported about the brand history and its current lineup.

At the end of the event a lottery of a GREE split system was held.

The result of ‘GREE Day’ was the high interest of the Saratov market in the GREE air conditioners including customers of the ‘KompyuMarket’ group of companies.
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