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New Dantex chillers

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03 November 2011
Daxtex extends the range of goods and begins production of a new chiller and air-cooled compressor-condensing units. The chillers will be manufactured in the production complex Dantex Italy. The cooling capacity of the new products covers a range of 418 till 702 kW.
There are three design performances of new Dantex products: chillers for cooling only (DN-BUSOF series), chillers with reverse function (DN-BUSTOF series), air-cooled compressor-condensing units (DK-BUSOF series).
The main aim of Dantex is the manufacturing of environmentally friendly equipment that's why chiller and air-cooled compressor-condensing units with medium capacity are especially designed for the operating with the ozone friendly cooling agent R-410a.
Air-cooled chillers Dantex are designed for both cooling and heating of cooling of water, nonfreezing liquids in air treatment fancoils and central conditioning systems which are installed in middle and large industrial buildings and dwelling houses as well as special industrial facilities.
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