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COSCO cooling systems on the Russian HVAC market

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08 August 2011

A new UK-brand has recently appeared on the Russian HVAC market. COSCO is a young company, its cooling systems are manufactured since 2009. The range of COSCO products includs a complete variety of air-cooled and water-cooled chillers, fan coil units of different types, precision air conditioners, multi-zone air conditioning systems.
Modular a
ir cooled COSCO chillers are working on freon R407C and have a cooling capacity from 31 to 2863 kW. They are performed on the spiral and screw compressors. It should be noted that this chiller range has a Class 'A' energy efficiency, a EER value higher than 3.1 and several power regulation stages.
Currently COSCO carries on negotiations with a number of companies about delivery of the equipment and fitting out a number of construction unit in various regions of the Russian Federation.

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