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Daikin chillers in Shopping and Entertainment center

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07 December 2011
Daikin chillers are installed in the shopping and entertainment center "Europe 10" which is located in Kursk.
Shopping and entertainment center "Europe 10" contains more than fifty shops, a night club, food courts, a bowling club, a restaurant and a banquet center. As a result of commissioning in 2009-2010 additional retail space required central air-conditioning system

When selecting equipment the customer made following demands for the equipment:
- maintenance of  the necessary cooling capacity at the maximum ambient temperature 35˚ C;
- adaptation to the existing building;
- adaptation to the existing cooling system;
- minimal power consumption;
- the shortest time of
equipment delivery;
- optimal price and quality ratio.
Daikin equipment met all these demands . As a result, a chiller with air-cooled condenser EWAD910C-SS was chosen with the capacity 897 kW.
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