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Chillers CLINT received a Eurovent certificate

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18 May 2012
In mid-May Eurovent Certification Committee (Eurovent Certification Committee) certified the products of Italian Holding GI Industrial Holding Spa: water coolers and heat pump units manufactured under the brand name CLINT. The certificate shall certify that all information contained in the technical and commercial documentation, figures correspond to the real product.

Certificate Eurovent - confirmation of the severity of the methods used technical department GI Industrial Holding S.p.a. the development and improvement of products, demonstrating its reliability and high professionalism of the staff of the holding, as well as achieved excellent results, which are constantly growing, as well as the confidence of commercial partners in over 70 countries worldwide.

Exclusive distributor of the GI Industrial Holding S.p.a. in Russia and the CIS is a group of companies "JAC"
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