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Workshop "New in installation, testing and commissioning"

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14 December 2011
Early December 2011 a scientific workshop "New in installation, testing and commissioning of ventilation systems, air conditioning of buildings and constructions on the basis of standards of the National Federation of Builders" was held at the International Financial Centre (IFC) and was attended by 120 professionals: managers and technical climate experts, construction and engineering companies, installation companies, as well as designers and engineers.
During the workshop general topics relating were discussed, in particular, the standardization programs of the National Association of Builders, the current legal production regulatory framework etc., and also a number of technical questions on installation, commissioning of air conditioning systems, measurement performance technologies, adjustment of ventilation systems elements, etc. An overview of new HVAC products from leading world manufacturers presented the specialists from the group of companies "JAC".
New General Fujitsu (Japan) product range, including systems Flexible Multi, mini-VRF and VRF, and a program of equipment selection Design Simulator presented Ilya Rumyantsev, Technical Director of the JAC Dealer Sales Department.
The report "Refrigeration units Clint (Italy) with a regime of free cooling and integrated hydraulic modules. Benefits of rooftops usage" was read by A.I. Karjakin, Technical Director of the JAC Industrial Equipment Sales Department . He made an overview of an expanded range of chillers, operating in the regime of free cooling. The hydraulic schemes of the chiller operation in summer mode (with compressors) and in winter in the free cooling mode were reviewed. The visitors also received information about rooftops: their construction and mixing chamber operation principle in different modes (free cooling, free heat, operation according to the indoor air quality sensor).
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