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Buderus Logano plus SB745

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11 April 2012
The Logano Plus SB 745 represents Buderus' new generation of condensing boilers featuring 800, 1000 and 1200 KW power.

The appliance provides central heating and domestic hot water for apartment buildings, for communal and commercial buildings as well as for green houses or public swimming pools. It can operate on both, gas and oil.

The industrial design addresses the needs of professionals by focusing on easy insertion and fast installation on site. The SB 745 is the first boiler of its class that can be moved through doorways without removing the casing, due to the compact wrap-insulation. Also, manufacturing costs and logistic expenses are considerably reduced in comparison to a traditional sheet metal enclosure.

At the same time, this new design approach guarantees a unique and distinctive brand appearance in the market.
Газовый конденсационный котел Buderus Logano plus SB745 мощностью 800 - 1200 кВт
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