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Channel units Daikin FDQ125С

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09 October 2012

FDQ125С channel units are the part of the Daikin’s Sky Air industry-leading light commercial range, which has been redesigned ahead of the latest legislation for optimum seasonal energy efficiency. Providing the ideal solution for all kinds of small commercial spaces, Daikin Sky Air offers a complete comfort solution that puts you in full control of heating and cooling, ventilation and air curtains. Always the market leader, Daikin is the first in the industry to optimise its full Daikin Sky Air range for seasonal efficiency. So it’s compatible with the latest Eco-Design standards coming in 2013 and already meets the standards now being described for 2015. As a result, the new Seasonal Sky Air range is up to 40% more efficient than previous models.

The stylish, low-noise units are ideally suited any type of décor - whether new or refurbished. They are designed to fit any shape of room, however long or irregular, and can be concealed or positioned on the wall, on the floor or suspended from the ceiling. All systems now optimised for seasonal energy efficiency. Split heat pump system with outdoor unit powering several indoor units. Wide range of indoor units: ceiling, wall and floor mounted or concealed. Very quiet and draught free in operation. Ideal for both new build and refurbishment projects. Precise control of system - from individualised control to centralised management of small buildings. Touch screen control options and code based controllers. Text based remote control and monitoring of the entire building is available via the internet. Heat is reclaimed between outdoor and indoor air. Free cooling is possible for greater energy efficiencies. Optimum control of humidityicon. Daikin Sky Air can be used with air curtains to provide heating at building entrances: highly efficient solution to doorway climate separation, ideal for buildings with open-door policy e.g. retail stores, year round climate control and comfort even on the most demanding days.

SkyAir Systems are designed for use in shops, restaurants and small offices, the innovative SkyAir R-410A inverter system provides a comfortable environment and offers substantial energy savings and operating efficiencies versus conventional air conditioning systems. The single-phase, easy-to-install system enables Daikin to offer a complete range of heat pumps.  In addition, the cooling only models are a cost effective cooling solution where heating is already provided by another system or simply unnecessary and a perfect fit for computer rooms, telecom rooms, offices, shops, restaurants, or classrooms.

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