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«Biokond» is one of the five best distributors

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12 December 2011
The company "Biokond", a member of the group of companies "JAC", took the fifth place in the world's Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Ltd. distributor rating
Mr. Masahiko Arihara, Senior Vice President, Member of the Board, General Manager of the Conditioning and Refrigeration Department of the Japanese company MHI arrived in Moscow to meet with the "Biokond" top managers. During the meeting the results of an uneasy season 2011 were summed up, and the plans for 2012 were approved.

As Mr. Masahiko Arihara, HVAC Russian market is prior and attractive for manufacturers of air conditioners. Its richness is less than 30%, and within a few years it will be actively developing. The growth in demand will gradually shift from the "economy" segment to high-tech equipment such as inverter air conditioners.
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