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Biokond has new products

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05 March 2012
The company "Biokond", the official distributor of air conditioning systems Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Ltd. (MHI) in Russia, starts selling a new series of air conditioners SRK-MA-S (DESIGN INVERTER). This design of a series of superinvertorov MHI, which will be presented at the "Climate World 2012".

The front panel of the indoor unit is covered with silver paint to the effect of shading, and transparent panel with the logo of the manufacturer. On the block is an indicator of temperature, which is in the process, by the user, shows the room temperature or on the street. In a series of design MHI split systems implemented improved in comparison with the previously-supplied inverter split system air flow control feature - 3D-AUTO. The air conditioner has increased the number of functions shortcuts air distribution: a cold shower, heated floor area, bypassing the area sofa, etc.

The principles of design is a series of so-called fuzzy logic "Fuzzy-Auto", through which air conditioner selects the correct mode of operation, and ultra-quiet running with minimal power consumption. In addition to the standard particle filter, the unit is equipped with two additional special filters: charcoal and enizimovym (based on natural enzymes). Carbon eliminates odors, and enzimovy - kills bacteria and viruses. The list of advantages of the new models also feature self-cleaning, lighting remote control buttons in the dark and traditional, perfect quality conditioners MHI!

Designer Series SRK-MA-S is represented in Russia by four models of varying thickness, from 2.0 to 5.0 kW. They all have a high level of energy efficiency, significantly exceeding the parameters of the scale of energy efficiency equipment installed for Class "A".
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