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Wireless IP thermostat

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12 January 2012
NetworkThermostat introduces its new RP32-WIFI wireless IP thermostat. This new programmable communicating thermostat (PCT) is a Wi-FI thermostat that includes a built-in web server, allowing simple connection from any PC, Mac, smart phone or tablet. The intuitive interface and powerful web engine puts the right amount of control at the right location. There’s no need for platform specific mobile apps, including iPhone, iPad and Android platforms.

"It’s gotta be simple…™" is the driving force behind the development, bringing together software, hardware and human engineering to create a 802.11-based product that allows for the perfect blend of aesthetics and technology.

While traditional programmable thermostats place a burden on the user to program every schedule from the front panel of the thermostat, this Internet thermostat allows point and click control from just about any browser on any device from anywhere there’s a Wi-Fi or Internet connection. The RP32-WIFI is an automatic changeover 3-Heat / 2-Cool thermostat with programmability from just a single schedule to seven days per week with up to four events per day.

The RP32-WIFI has universal equipment control for conventional gas/electric, heat pump (including dual fuel), electric, and hydronic heat systems. The new thermostat engages both residential and commercial features, including Smart Schedule Recovery™ which allows intelligent temperature recovery, Efficient Equipment Restart™ which efficiently staggers scheduled start times to eliminate multiple units starting at once, adjustable override time and min/max setpoints, fan recirculation, vacation scheduling, keypad lockout, and many more powerful features.

The RP32-WIFI also incorporates an effective alert notification system for both the end customer and service contractor. Email and SMS text messaging alerts allow for fast response when equipment problems arise and reminders for general maintenance of the connected HVAC gear. Alerts include high and low room and outside temperatures, inefficient equipment operation and a reminder to change the filter.

NetworkThermostat also teamed up with the most powerful weather service, Weatherbug®. Weatherbug® is integrated right into the thermostat, allowing users to know the outside temperature (without the need for a sensor), full current weather conditions and seven day forecast.
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