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BAXI is the «Brand of the Year».

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14 March 2012
February 8th, 2012 the 8th Annual Award "Aqua-Therm Pro"  took place at the opening of the exhibition «Aqua-Therm Moscow 2012" .
The award was established by the Publications Centre "Aqua-Therm" with the aim of the annual promotion for the success of organizations and professionals working in the market of heating equipment, as well as in small-scale power, and is presented in five categories: "Company of the Year," "Mark of the Year", "For educational activities "," For contributions to energy efficiency ',' Author of the Year. "
In the nomination "Brand of the Year" won by BAXI SpA, thanks to versatile, creative and ambitious approaches to promote their brand. It is well known in the domestic market, the company thermo BAXI SpA is a serious competition to the best-known firms.
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