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110 000th Bosch boiler arrived to Russia

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07 March 2012
At the beginning of 2012 the company Bosch Industriekessel delivered its 110000th boiler Unimat UT-L which was manufactured by the Austrian company in Bischofshofen.

The destination of the anniversary boiler is the town of Klin in the Moscow Region. The buyer was Hercules, a manufacturer of feed for animals which is part of Provimi, an International Holding which manufactures premixes, protein-vitamin-mineral additives for animal feeds, special feed.

Design, installation and commissioning are carried out in close cooperation with engineering komapniey "RMGaz" from Mr. Yaroslavl
Power of the anniversary of the boiler of 4.5 MW with an efficiency of up to 95%. The effectiveness of 3-way design of the boiler has been proven thousands of times in practical application. Important characteristics of the industrial boiler is phenomenal reliability and durability.
Along with the heat demand for heating and domestic hot water at the site must also be reliable and efficient supply of steam of different manufacturing processes. Therefore, the company "Hercules" has acquired two steam boiler steam total 12,000 kg of steam \ hour production Bosch Industriekessel. Integrated economizers for maximum utilization of thermal energy and reducing CO2 emissions. Integrated manufacturing system also includes a pair of Water service module and a control system of joint operation of the equipment supplied.
The customer has made its choice in favor of the production of boilers Bosch Industriekessel, based on competent technical advice provided by a manufacturer or installer. Another important criterion for this decision was recognized by the quality of industrial boilers and 110,000 systems sold are clear proof of that. The glory of industrial heating equipment manufacturing Bosch Industriekessel earned his thanks to modern production equipment, strict quality control and continual improvement and innovation.
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