Plumbing. Heating. Conditioning. Energy Efficiency.

18.10.2011 - 21.10.2011
Due to rapid development of the Fuel and Energy Complex and other sectors of national economy by its investment appeal Tyumen region has surpassed a number of regions of Russia, particularly in construction of social facilities, shopping and leisure centers and residential housing. Development of the construction industry is directly connected with public care of tomorrow, of comfortable conditions of labor and recreation.
Steady interest to the exhibition approves again of the fact that Tyumen construction market has great prospects. The exhibition is accompanied with intensive business program as well as with the large information support. Every year it gathers up to 150 participants from a number of regions of Russia and abroad. In 2010 nearly 4000 people visited the exhibition; among them 60% expressed professional interest in the exposition, all the rest were representatives of related enterprises, University students and individuals.

Exhibition sections:
•    Design, construction and reconstruction of buildings and structures.
•    Latest technologies in construction and reconstruction of buildings, finishing work and building materials production.
•    Utility systems, electricity supply, heat supply.
•    Systems of water supply, water and wastewater treatment.
•    Fountains, swimming pools, bath houses and saunas.
•    Automatic gates, turnpikes, rolling shutters, doors.
•    Elevators, raising devices.
•    Building constructions.
•    Finishing and facing materials.
•    Timber construction, woodwork.
•    Landscape products.
•    Construction machinery, tools.
•    Working clothes, footwear and protective means for construction operations.