Plumbing. Heating. Conditioning. Energy Efficiency.

13.12.2011 - 15.12.2011
Exhibition Sections:

    Devices of metering, control, management and saving of heating and electricity consumption, reduction of electric loss in electricity networks
    Automation of technological processes, means and systems of energy resources consumption metering
    Energy saving technologies in power-consuming industries
    Energy saving in houses building (building from non-traditional materials)
    Resources saving technologies for efficient fuel, thermal and electrical power use in heating and water supply networks
    Metering and registration of fuel consumption by motor-vehicles
    Pipeline condition diagnostic devices. Pipelines protection from corrosion
    Heat- and hydro-proofing materials
    Ecology, goods and services, modern technologies
    Resources saving systems of nature protective function. Systems of recycling water supply. Systems of control pollution emissions
    Thermotechnical equipment, boilers, burners, boiling and ancillary equipment, heat exchanging devices
    Pumps, pumping equipment, compressors
    Autonomous power sources, equipment. Small-scale power generation
    Non-traditional power engineering, renewable energy sources