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Solar Cell: New factory in Germany

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24 February 2012
In the German town of Schorndorf, the Swiss company Solar Industries Group (SIAG) is building a production plant for mono and polycrystalline silicon cells.

Three cell production lines are scheduled to be finished by the end of 2013. The SIAG subsidiary Solar Cell will operate the factory and create at least 240 jobs, or even 290 if a fourth line is established, by 2014. For three lines, the investment amounts to € 70 million. Previously, Bauknecht used the site to manufacture high-volume washing machines for the North-American market. After this business ceased, the area became available.

The cells will be purchased by SIAG module production facilities in Switzerland, which are currently under development, and in Freiburg, Germany. The Freiburg factory currently manufactures modules with a total rated capacity of 25 MW per year; the production in Switzerland is to be expanded by the end of this year to an output of 100 MW annually. SIAG also holds shares in the MX Group, which manufactures solar power modules in Italy (Villasanta, Mezzago) and in the USA (New Jersey).


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    К солнечной энергии становится ближы

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