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The results of the implementation of the Law 'On Energy Saving'

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05 June 2012

The municipalities of the Ivanovo region summed subtotals implementation of the Law 261-FZ "On energy saving ..."
Within the framework of the implementation of the targeted program measures for the repair of apartment buildings 31 buildings are been renovating in the urban district Teikovo Ivanovo region in 2012. The expansion of the network plumbing is being carried out on the territory of the urban district.
The program in the Ivanovo region was scheduled to fulfill a phased transition on resources distribution  to consumers in accordance with the meter devices rates. In 2009-2012 29 heat meters, 85 sensors for automatical turn on and turn off the lights will be installed. DRL lamps 250 W are being replaced with SON-H lamps 220 W. 30 energy-efficient lighting fixtures will be set on the streets. Residential Management Company  implemented the replacement of the valves, cold-water riser with modern materials, as well as incandescent light bulbs with energy-saving lamps in the Palekh district.

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