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Wind-solar power plant

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27 March 2012
Scientific-Research Institute of Semiconductor Devices (NIIPP) together with the administration of Tomsk Oblast and Tomsk Polytechnic University (TPU) plan to equip one of the remote villages of the region with a wind-solar power plant for seven million rubles till September 2012, Vitaly Savrasov, the project developer said.
It was reported earlier that the Administration of Tomsk region had supported a NIIPP and TPU innovative project concerning the introduction of alternative energy sources in rural areas. For the pilot project the village Alataevo in Parabel Region (north) was selected. It was originally planned that the professionals in the summer of 2012 there will install solar panels for street lighting.
"In July 2012 plan to launch a pilot project for the construction of a wind-Alataevo solar power plant with a peak power of 25 kilowatts. In a single node will be located two to 19 kW wind turbine and solar power for seven kilowatts. According to our calculations, this would be enough to ensure settlement electricity. cost power - about 7 million rubles. surrender it to the operation of September, "- said Savrasov.
He explained that currently the village Alataevo connected to a diesel power plant, located 28 kilometers from it.
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