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Russian Railways pilot project in Anapa

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07 August 2012

The pilot project was implement by JSC "Russian Railways" within the framework of the investment project "Introduction of resource-saving technologies in rail transport." The system combines a set of photovoltaic modules that are manufactured using the latest thin-film technology based on silicon, inverters and battery packs. The entire installation can operate in two modes: low-power, when the electricity generated goes directly to the power grid station, as well as in an emergency mode when by the disconnected external power supply the self-contained power unit feeds key station facilities. The service life of the solar heating system is 25 years. With an average daily volume of electricity production in the 270 kW∙h its total output for the lifetime of the installation will be more than 2 million kW∙h. The installation of equipment at the facility began in late April and early June 2012 the commissioning work including the staff coaching were completed.

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