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25 October 2011
Ariston Thermo Group assists the revival of the professional education in Russia. Within the framework of the Social partnership program the company equipped a classroom for heating specialists in the Moscow State polytechnical college No. 19

This college is a unique specialized educational institution which trains staff for climatic, cooling and heating branches. This faculty has been created recently. Now 100 school graduates learn here and more than 300 specialists improve their skills. One more area is being equipped now, it will help to double the quantity of students.
The college takes part in international projects which are organized by the UNIDO (United Nations Industrial Development Organization). These projects aim to
withdraw ozone-destroying agents  from circulation, to increase the industrial energy efficiency. The International Day of Ozone Layer Protection was held in the college with the support of the Russian Ministry for Protection of the Environment and Natural Resources, Global Environment Fund and UNIDO. College partners are the leading Russian enterprises and several manufacturers of the climatic equipment.
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