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Trane CLCF Climate Changer

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05 May 2012
Central air conditioners (AHU) play a key role in ensuring the indoor air quality and comfort for people. For many years Trane has been a global leader in air handling innovation and solutions. Now after our significant investment in air handling technology, design, innovation, development and new manufacturing facilities throughout the Middle East, Africa, India, and Europe, Trane introduces the next generation CLCF Climate Changerfor comfort applications.
Designed and developed through full understanding of customer insights and Trane’s worldwide professional expertise, each component of the Trane CLCF Climate Changer has been chosen for superior performance in office, retail, hotel and other commercial comfort applications.
- 12 sizes for inline units
- 7 sizes optimized for stacked heat recovery
- Airflow ranges from 1,000 m3/h to 45,000 m3/h.
- Wide array of fan and coil options
- Trane experts pre-select and install optimal combination of control components to ensure system reliability and consistency.
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Trane proudly introduces our next generation air handling system, Climate Changer™ for Comfort applications and Climate Changer for Hospitals, Laboratories and Pharmaceutical applications.

Designed to optimize HVAC system performance by delivering industry-leading energy efficiency, enhanced option flexibility and improved indoor air quality.

Trane designed and manufactured
Full integrated, factory-installed Trane controls
Eurovent EN 1886 certified performance
Model CLCF offers casing size flexibility of 19 casing sizes and 16 fan choices allowing for airflow ranges from 1000 m3/h to 45000 m3/h.
Industry-leading low-leakage casing design for best-in-class air tightness, optimal thermal insulation and minimized condensation
50 mm polyurethane foam-injected panels with full thermal break
Energy saving options: plate heat exchangers, coil loops

In addition, the Climate Changer specially designed for Hospitals, Laboratories and Pharmaceutical applications features:

4-point inclined floor which serves as an integrated drain pan
Centralized vertical drain
Completely smooth interior panels with anti-bacterial sealant, no block-off and rounded corners ease cleaning
Watertight casing enabling disinfection with liquid products
Class 3 dampers EN 1751
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