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testo 480

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21 December 2011
The testo 480 is a top-quality new measuring instrument for portable climatic measurement technology, which facilitates the standards-compliant adjustment of ventilation and air conditioning systems (HVAC systems) in office, residential and industrial buildings and records all relevant parameters when taking climatic measurements.

Cutting edge technology for professional air conditioning engineers
Digital probes with integrated memory notify the instrument once the next calibration is due
Once all calibration data entered via the software it is stored in the probe permanently
The probe compensates deviations automatically, producing zero-error display
Probes can be calibrated without having to send in the hand-held instrument

Simple and accurate measurements
Duct measurement – The testo 480 provides fast and reliable HVAC measurement. A non-rotatable telescope means the testo 480 can be used in large air ducts or in places that are difficult to access.
Air outlets – The testo 480 checks whether a system’s air distribution is optimally balanced. The volume flow can then be adjusted to provide maximum comfort within the area and optimise the system's energy consumption.
Comfort level and indoor air quality – The testo 480 records all climatic values acting upon human beings in the workplace and detect the causes of negative environmental influences.

The measuring instrument also comes with PC software which makes data evaluation even easier. Measurement reports can be configured and pesonalised easily and data, locations and results then edited in tabular or graphic format with just a few clicks of the mouse.

Optimally configure HVAC systems using the new, modern VAC measuring instrument testo 480 and record all relevant climatic parameters for comfort level measurements.

testo 480 has lots of advantages for you:
Depend on reliable measuring results using an optimally tailored system consisting of hand-held instrument and probes.
Achieve zero-error display thanks to intelligent probes that eliminate deviations automatically.
Help your customers to save energy costs by having HVAC systems that are configured efficiently.
Optimise the comfort level in workplaces, prevent negative environmental influences.
Work efficiently using the new "EasyClimate" PC software, which makes it easier for you to manage your data and generate reports.
Save time, navigate through the entire measurement chain in just a few steps.
Impress your customers with fast, on-site measuring results, analyses and reports.
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