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Trane launches thermography service

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08 August 2012

HVAC maker Trane, a brand of Ingersoll-Rand, launched a thermography service to identify hidden problems in a chilled water system and to help improve overall HVAC system performance.

The new predictive service uses infrared thermal imaging to detect and diagnose thermal emissions from different components in the chilled water system. An increase in heat could suggest electrical and mechanical issues that could lead to component failure, unplanned outages, and safety issues.

Typical problems that thermography detects include loose electrical connections, current overloading, worn contactors, misalignment of shafts and belts, and overheating of bearings.

The thermography service is carried out on a periodical basis, determined by customer and system needs. A technician from the HVAC company takes thermal images of the electrical and mechanical components of the chilled water system while it is up and running. Thermal images, both past and new, are reviewed to produce a detailed report of the current status of the pictured components, including possible reasons for any anomalies.

Customers will receive this report detailing the recommended repairs or improvements to avoid system failures and optimize reliability of the system.

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