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Heat-generators EURONORD

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11 November 2011
Technoclimate has a complete variety of EURONORD heat generators with a middle static pressure in its warehouse.

Heat generators EURONORD could successfully replace traditional water heating systems at industrial facilities.

An essential obstacle for the wide spread of this kind of equipment is a necessity of individual parameter calculation of each device and its individual manufacturing at a plant personally for each case. It is attributed to a great air line system resistance variety. The static pressure should be measured each time in a wide range by the chosen power.

Such scheme stipulates additional turm of deliver from two to three months depending on the manufacturer and origin country.

Company specialists worked out a new in essence product range which allows to reduce the term of delivery to one or two weeks.

This product family includes EURONORD heat generators S series with the capacity from 100 to 340 kW and static pressure 100-350 Pa.
Technoclimate company possesses all equipment range with a preset middle static pressure at the warehouse.

The static pressure for the customer's needs could be regulated by a Technoclimate service center employee according to the calculation which is being made by a designer.

The adjustment and testing process takes 1-3 days depending on the device power and required static pressure.
In this way the customer could enjoy a totally adjusted heat generator EURONORD with individual regulations within 1-2 weeks after the order.
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