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BALLU Super DC Inventer

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02 August 2012

Ballu Industrial Group presented its innovative split-system Super DC Inventer a year ago. The sales results showed that Super DC Inventer has become a leader in the not expensive inverter air conditioners market segment. The device is equipped with an advanced cleaning system Combo, which consists of four fine filters. Due to HEPA filter the air is cleared  from the animal hair, dust mites, fungal spores. Aromatic filter fills the house with a pleasant smell, catechin filter disinfects the air and fourth filter fills the room with vitamin C.

Split system Super DC Inventer uses 15% less energy than other inverter split systems, as well as 30% less than conventional on / off systems. The device has the highest energy efficiency class "A". The coefficients of EER and COP are 4.3, which distinguishes this product advantageously on the market. The split-system cleaning mechanism is equipped with a cold plasma generator which ionizes the air passing through it, removes odors, destroys aerosols and pernicious formaldehyde compounds.

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