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Steel boilers Alaska series of the KC, KCC

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13 August 2012

Group of companies "Thermotechnik" offers steel gas boilers "Alaska" series of the KC, KCC.

The advantages of steel boilers "Alaska":
- The efficiency of boilers is at least 90%;
- Ease of maintenance expense of the original design of the heat exchanger;
- A combination of price, performance and quality;
- Piezo ignition of the pilot burner;
- Throttle gas pressure regulation of the main burner;
- Anti-corrosion surface treatment of the boiler, high-quality powder coating;
- Performance is preserved when the gas pressure in the system vary from 50 to 500 mm water column;
- Does not require an external power source;
- Types AOGV 10KSV, AOGV-10KSVS, AOGV-12KSV, AOGV-12KSVS, AOGV-16KSV, AOGV-16KSVS, AOGV-20KSVS combine the functions of heating and hot water;
- Boilers are equipped with a stabilizer rod made of galvanized steel, which ensures stable operation of the boiler;
- High reliability and safety at work, through the use of gas automatic HONEYWELL or SIT;
- Slit burner with low torch WORGAS, which is made using laser technology;
- Elements of protection, control and regulation of the company's T &G;
- Power of "Mayak" steel boilers  is from 10 to 30 kW.

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