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Ahlsell experts visited the Bosch factory

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30 July 2012

A team of Ahlsell specialists visited the Bosch factory in Portugal (Aveiro city) in mid-July within the framework of the the distribution program. VULCANO factory which was acquired by Bosch in 1988 is the leading manufacturer of instantaneous gas water heaters in Europe. The factory operates in two shifts. Annual production of instantaneous gas water heaters is over 1 million units. VULCANO factory is located in Aveiro, which is located 80 km south of Porto on the Atlantic coast of Portugal. The factory produces hundreds of different models, which are sold worldwide under various brand of the Bosch Thermotechnik department. The factory also manufactures wall and floor standing boilers, heat pumps, solar panels, etc. In addition to manufacturing facilities the Ahlsell professionals saw the sights of Aveiro and Porto, visited the tasting rooms and cellars of the famous Portuguese port wine and enjoyed the good weather, sun and sea.

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