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Joint venture for energy saving

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01 March 2012
In February 28, 2012 the General Agreement on a energy saving joint venture creation was signed in the Ministry of Energy of the Russian Federation  between "Russian Energy Agency" (the Russian Ministry of Energy subordinate), Russian Fuel Company and the State Electrogrid Company of China.
The General Agreement provides for the establishment of a joint venture in the field of renewable energy "Green Energy International." The main directions of the joint venture activities include: construction of power plants and electricity thermal energy generation facilities based on the use of Russian bioenergy resources, construction of facilities for the production of fuel ethanol from cellulose, production of fuel products from biomass, production, delivery and modernization of boilers for operation on the biomass. In addition the joint venture will build generation facilities on the Russian territory that use wind energy, creating of a research center in the field of clean energy technologies as well as arranging funding for projects fulfilling.
In the priority action plan includes the construction of thermal power plant with the total capacity 3,000 MW, the building of processing plant with a capacity 500 tons of biomass pellets (granules) pro year as well as the implementation of projects for the reconstruction of 1000 boilers operating on the biomass in Russia .
The document was signed as a result of the agreements set earlier in the Framework Agreement on Cooperation in the field of renewable energy and energy efficiency between the Russian Federation and the People's Republic of China which was concluded in June 16, 2011, in the presence of the Russian President Dmitry Medvedev and the Chineese President Hu Jintao.
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