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Danfoss helps to keep temperature in balance

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19 September 2011

An investment project to balance the temperature in all the apartments of six buildings in Szczecin, Poland, has turned out to be a valuable business decision with a pay-back time of only 2.6 years.

“Each winter people complained about the risers in the buildings. Some radiators were extremely hot while the last in the system were cold. The return temperature control has made it easy to control the risers’ temperature and has optimized the flow in the full load function. Furthermore, the indoor comfort has been improved and the number of residents’ complaints has reduced,” says Krzysztof Borysiewicz, Technical Manager of the building co-operative.

Borysiewicz explains that initiatives to limit the heat loss had already taken place from 1996-2002 with the insulation of walls, new windows and the installation of Danfoss thermostatic radiator valves on 697 radiators in each building.

It helped to a certain degree. However, energy consumption and complaints continued to be relatively high.

As a result, the building co-operative considered various solutions to keep temperature in balance in all apartments while at the same time lowering energy usage. It turned out that investing in automatic, adjustable flow limiters (AB-QM valves) for the risers with self-acting thermostats (QT) from Danfoss was five times cheaper than changing the one-pipe heating system to a two-pipe system.

That’s why each building’s 97 risers that heat the 180 apartments were equipped with the products which convert the one-pipe heating systems to variable flow systems and since then heat costs have been reduced by 18 % (CO2 emissions cut by 113 tons per building each year).

Krzysztof Borysiewicz says that the six buildings, known as Leningrad buildings because they were built in Leningrad, Russia, and afterwards shipped to Poland, have significantly lowered coal, oil and gas consumption.


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