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WILO solids separation system

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08 June 2012

At the IFAT ENTSORGA 2012 in Munich, Germany, pump specialist WILO SE presented a solids separation system (FTS) for sewage disposal. The system had already been successfully tried-and-tested in the pumping of sewage ― both industrial and municipal ― in the "Wilo-EMUport" ready-made pumping stations. The system ensures that during the pumping procedure, the pumps no longer come into contact with the solid materials in the sewage. It therefore sets high standards in operational reliability, economy and convenience. Clogging, which causes cost-intensive servicing or even premature failure of the pumps, is avoided. In comparison to common methods of installation, such as wet well installation, the solids separation system thereby increases operational reliability.

At a maximum diameter of 3.60 metres, the "Wilo-EMUport" ready-made pumping stations can even easily handle a large intake of 600 m3/h. Type FA Wilo pumps, which achieve delivery heights of up to 65 metres, are used for this. They have a variable installation depth, depending on the requirements of the customer.

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