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Workshop for RIDAN partners

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27 February 2012
In February 16-17 a seminar on 'RIDAN plate heat exchangers: selection and application of modern heat exchangers'  for the RIDAN partners representatives took place in Moscow. Program of the workshop was extremely busy.

The participants received detailed information on the heat engineering basics of the heat exchangers. The issues of the heat exchangers selection using the PC software RIDAN were described in detail and practical selection examples were discussed.
RIDAN specialists reviewed the range of equipment focusing on the specifics of the heat exchangers application in the power utility. The participants received practical experience in the E-Commerce software, RIDAN e-shop for official partners.
The participants noted the richness and relevance of the received information as well as highly qualified speakers. RIDAN in turn was grateful to everybody who visited the seminar.
Two more similar RIDAN trainings will be held in Moscow  until the end of Q1 2012.
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