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SANYO: 3 mln PV modules

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12 March 2012
On the 9th of February 2012, SANYO Hungary KFT, a member of the Panasonic Group, shipped the 3,000,000th photovoltaic module to the European market.
Since its start of operation in July 2005, the solar factory in Dorog, Hungary, has produced and sold photovoltaic modules with the HIT technology, widely regarded to be the most advanced photovoltaic technology available in the world, to the European market.
The HIT technology combines very high efficiency (cell efficiency over 21.6% in the best-seller model HIT-N240SE10) with great performance at high temperatures (10% better performance at 75°C vs. standard products). The production in Europe follows the strictest quality controls in the industry and has achieved the stunningly low fail rate of 21 cases per Million as of 9/2/2012 (1). This is the key to ensure end users abundant, long lasting clean electricity. This reliability, the high efficiency and performance makes HIT the module of choice in the market segment of residential roofs in Europe.
HIT is the most renowned PV brand in several countries, according to independent market studies (2), and is extremely successful in regions such as Benelux or the UK.
The technology and brand HIT, currently sold under the brand SANYO, will be continued after 1/4/2012 under the brand Panasonic. SANYO is part of the Panasonic Group since 2010, and from April 1st, branding for all photovoltaic products will be unified.
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